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Let Us Do Your Books has a proven track record of achieving positive results by developing and implementing better financial processes for small businesses. We will improve your financial operations; all the while budgeting expenses and assisting with the planning of your businesses finance operations.

A sound financial strategy is key in building a strong foundation for to profitable growth. Bookkeeping is the backbone that incorporates the processes needed for accurate reporting. When you work with Let Us Do Your Books, your financial structure will be set up to ensure accurate information is compared against a realistic budget. Performance Indicators can be measured for a more informed decision-making process.   

Think big and you will be big. It’s hard to think like a millionaire when your bank account is low.  Let us do your books, we do not see your business as small, we see it as the start of something big. 

Our Chief Operating Officer

Throughout her extensive career, Jackie Walsh served a variety of markets as the operations controller.  She performed needs analysis and lead the project management teams.  Jackie was also a valued consultant to programmers on custom system requirements and modifications of existing financial software to meet the industry specific needs of the company.  Having the opportunity to be a part of the internet revolution, she spent several years developing e-commerce platforms for finance.  Have worked with credit card processors with both e-payment systems and incoming merchant settlements.

All of my career, I have worked tirelessly to make a lot of money for power executives in major corporations. It is time to change my focus to helping small business owners make a lot of money.


Jackie Walsh

CEO, Let Us Do Your Books

After relocating back to her native New York, Jackie worked with a prominent non-profit organization directing accounting, budgeting and event analysis reporting to the Board of Directors.  This opportunity gave her understanding of non-profit accounting.

Her years with Gulliver’s Travel Associates, Travelport, Kuoni and Hotelbeds gave Jackie an incredible opportunity to understand the operations and business needs of the travel industry. She was able to develop back-office systems to better service the retail and wholesale travel business customer.

Growing restless in her role with big business finance, Jackie Walsh left the corporate world to settle in Souderton, PA.  She currently serves as a financial services consultant for Souderton Connects.  Her goal is to partner with small businesses providing accounting, bookkeeping, analysis of trends and results thus allowing your businesses to focus on what they do best.

Serving markets both big & small

We have financial operations solutions for any business.  From start-ups to enterprise platforms, we know how to run your back office so you can run your business.